Self Improvement Resources

If you’re human and have an interest in becoming the “new and improved you,” then you’re in the market for self improvement resources. You have a huge problem however, in that there are too many self improvement resources out there! Too many, with more being created each day. Alas! Do not despair-this problem is easily overcome if you answer the following question: What do you want to improve about yourself?Answering that question is the first hurdle to overcome in your journey to revise and upgrade to “You 2.0.” No matter what you are seeking to improve, your search for self improvement resources should be jump-started as you finish this article.Think Outside the Box: Free ArticlesAs you may have noticed, there is a flood of fantastic self improvement resources available in the self improvement niche. Beginning your search at the local library is an obvious first step. Another that will cost you a few keystrokes is to search the internet. Some of the best and most readily available sources can be found on sites you may not have thought to look.Besides searching for the obvious (punching in “self improvement resources” in your search engine), there are also categories of sites that you may not immediately think to consult. One such category you may not have thought of is the free article directory. Think of this as the Associated Press, a place where authors publish their work, and where publishers find their content. The big difference on the internet version of the AP is that word “free.” There are hundreds of such directories online, available at no cost to either publisher or author, with quality authors writing on various topics.The genius behind these directories is the motivation to publish: authors drive traffic to their own sites with links in the article body or in the by-line (commonly called a “resource box”). As self improvement remains a popular category, you will find no trouble finding resources you need in such directories.Non-Traditional RadioAnother great category is the internet talk radio niche. You may find similar results with a paid radio service or satellite radio service by finding the self help or self improvement stations, the idea is the same. The glaring advantage on the internet is that these stations are normally free. Simply look for “internet talk radio” in any major search engine and you’ve the world at your finger tips. Most radio stations have channels dedicated to providing self improvement resources.Identifying your targeted areas for self improvement opens up limitless possible resources at your fingertips. You’ll find meta-sites dealing with self improvement or self help, as well as endless niche sites dedicated to your particular areas of self improvement.The Best Self Improvement Resources: Closer Than You Think
One final word on self improvement resources, and believe me when I tell you that I have saved the best for last in this case, is simply the company you decide to keep. Mind you, you can’t pick your family. You can’t necessarily choose your co-workers in many cases.You can, however, be deliberate about:
…with whom you spend your off-hours.
…searching for those successfully applying the principles you are seeking to emulate.
…searching out healthy relationships with people who will pull you toward your goals.
…searching out mentors who can teach, guide and hold you accountable.It is an ancient wisdom that had developed the first apprenticeship programs, and this unshakable truth applies in spades when you are searching for self improvement resources. People and relationships remain the best resource to continue your personal development and attain your goals. If you have unhealthy relationships with people who inspire the worst in you, or who hold you back from changing the negative habits you may have in common with them, you are setting yourself up for regress. If you want the best self improvement techniques, get with people who are walking the same direction. You’ll find many who are happily willing to help anyone seeking to “upgrade” to the new and improved you.This holds especially true for those who may have come from broken families. The best “cure” is to find and create a positive sense of community and society in which real growth can take place. Invest time in evaluating your current community. Is the company you usually keep building you up, or are you able to build them up as they seek to improve themselves? If you are serious about finding self improvement resources, creating or discovering a new “family” of fellow-travelers should hover at the top of your to-do list. If you are so able, investing in a life coach that targets your personal needs may be an investment you need to make.A further point is that in order to upgrade yourself, you will need to upgrade the way you think. That will involve the elimination of negative thoughts and creating positive thoughts. How do you do that? Simple! You check out a complimentary online video that I have provided on the link below.Use the data in this video and you will soon become more powerful and confident in life. A whole new world of opportunity will be opened up to you.

Overcome the Fear of Self Improvement

People are usually afraid of things they do not understand. When you hear the term “self improvement” people get all jumpy and defensive. Why? They are afraid of self-improvement because of this fear of the unknown. To proceed with anything in life is self-improvement, to learn more about a subject is self improvement, to exercise, eat right, drive safely, and just about anything else in your life you desire to change is self improvement. may help you in this situation.In self-improvement you are simply changing yourself for the better. So, to understand is to remove fear. Said another way; the best way to remove fear is to understand. You may already know that life is always in a continual cycle, of ups and downs, good times and bad times, and so forth. Just keep in mind that normally no one is permanently up or permanently down. Those who get stuck in a “down” often are thought of needing self improvement, but you need constant self improvement to just live life, regardless of you situation. In life no one can avoid these ups and downs it is the way life is. However by constant self improvement your life will have shorter downs and longer ups.What people should do about these downs is to learn from them, the lesson is to understand that without constant growth you are no longer alive. Think about this: Life is growth. If a tree stops producing new leaves it is considered dead, if a rose no longer produces buds and is just a bunch of grey thorny sticks, it is considered dead. To prove that it is alive the tree and the rose must always continue to produce, or grow, new leaves, branches, and so it is growing. When the growing stops it is a sure sign that life has ended. We humans are the same, no we don’t grow leaves or buds, and we produce results. Such as we produce cooked meals for our family, or produce products for our employer, or produce love and comfort for our significant other. We are always producing something and in this measure we are alive.When we stop being useful and helpful we are no longer living like we should. So we need to use a little self improvement to change what we are doing so that we again produce. An example is in order here. Let us say that your hobby is knitting, and during the winter you knitted every body you know a pair or mitten, because you are good at it and like to do it. Then comes spring, not a whole lot of need for mittens, so you begin to feel useless, and experience a down moment in your life. What to do now? You ask. Well, you learn something new, put it into practice and produce something else. Continuing with the example you learn a new stitch and start making grill pads for everyone so they have a place to set those hot pans without melting the table underneath. You just committed self improvement! Does this mean you should start to learn knitting? No, if knitting is your thing then carry on, but you may have other things you do, such as auto detailing, carpentry, bicycle repair, and so on. Some people even find a way to make a living with their hobby.So do not fear self improvement, the term means only what it says. Improving yourself. Maybe this year you’ll run a marathon, grow a black rose, solve the world peace problem, grow the perfect tomato, or get the promotion at work. All you need is a little self improvement, and that usually starts with reading something that leads to learning something that leads to doing something.We all have problems that affect us every day. These problems bring us misery due to the fact that we just don’t know what to do. We should never loose hope, where there is life there is hope, all we need is a little self help in figuring out solutions to these problems. “All we need is to learn how to overcome it and not to be overcome.”Self improvement should not wait for the last moment; you should always be looking for skills to learn and things to do. To stop learning is always for the worse and consequently, you will let go of a chance, an opportunity, because you are afraid to take a risk.Keep in mind that, from time to time, something has to happen in order to free you from monotony, so don’t be surprised if, at a certain moment in time, instead of being afraid of change, you desire it with all your heart.Self improvement is not a bad thing; it is not to be feared. You will understand that you are alive and to prove it to the world you will keep growing, and producing. Then when you see your self slowing down or stopping you simply apply a bit of that self improvement stuff again and you are back in the game again.Be Blessed